Our Services

It's your company. But we can help!

E-Commerce Consulting:
it's very easy to put a website online and offer your products and services to your customers. The problem is the fact the Internet is not the regular point of sale you've been doing business for the past twenty years. The Internet media is very unique. The Internet population is very selective and very demanding. Do you know what it takes to succeed? Do you want to invest money on the same thing twice?

Let us help you understand the Internet well and make your company successful on the online arena.


Web Design:
Maybe you have an IT team ready to implement your website. It's very possible they are ready to provide you with all technical aspects you need on your website. But does your IT Professional has Marketing and/or Advertising skills? Is your IT Team capable of creating graphics and layouts that properly represent your company's image? Did you ask your IT folks to design your company's logo?

We have a Team of graphic designers ready to design what you need: be it a refresh on your site, a new logo, a company manual or brochure. You tell us what you need and we will make it happen!


Web Development:
Building your website can be simple if you have professionals with the right skills. Maintaining your website is easier, but still complicated if something goes wrong or breaks. Can you afford to have your site offline for a few days while you are trying to fix what you broke? Or can you have your IT Team stop other projects to concentrate on something they may not know a lot about?

Our Team is ready to help: Web Producers, Web Designers, Developers, Programmers and other technical staff. We are ready to build your best site ever. Or if you already have a website we can take care of it to make sure it stays healthy and operational 24/7/365.


Other Services:
There are lots of other web related activities you may need support with. Maybe you need help to configure something on your web server. Or maybe you want to add a new feature on your website but you don't know exactly how. Or maybe you need something you cannot do yourself or do not have the proper equipment, like a panorama picture, video, flash animation, audio, etc.

Although we cannot guarantee Knight Lord Design will be able to solve any problem for your company, we can guarantee one of our business partners can. We can produce almost everything we just mentioned, but if you need something else, we will find someone who can do the job for you in our partners! Give us a call!